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I’m excited about the next two books I have lined up to read. Both are longlisted for the Giller Prize, which is the top literary award in Canada. The first book just arrived–it’s Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line. I know some readers find her boring, but I’ve really loved the three books by her that I’ve read. There is so much going on under the surface, and her prose is breathtaking. I will review this for a future issue of Belletrista, so you can see what I think. After Sanctuary Line, I’m going to read Annabel, by Kathleen Winter. This was a New & Notable book from Belletrista Issue #5.  After those two, I hope to read some spooky, ghostly books in keeping with the spirit of Halloween and all.

Do you plan your reading in advance? What books are in your near future?