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Translations through time

October 5, 2010

I’ve just been having a think about the books I read that are translations of women’s writing.  They’re all contemporary, or current translations of older texts. What about earlier writing?

I’m sure ‘Western’ women had access to translated works by other Western women but did they also have the opportunity to read the works of women from Asia, the Middle East, Africa or South America?

I have a feeling that this might turn into a little research project over the winter. Are there books that you know of that were written by women and translated before 1900?

I’ll keep you updated on what I discover.


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  • Jana

    Are we talking about books into English or English books into other languages?

  • Char

    I was thinking more about books into English when I posted but it would be interesting to know about English books into other languages. Do you think books by English-language writers would have had greater reach into the world because of the British Empire?

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